Giacinto Bo

Autore Giacinto Bo (1832-1912)
Titolo Il Faro
Tecnica Olio su tela
Epoca Seconda metà XIX secolo
Misure 98 x 137 cm

Self-taught, he looked above all to G. Camino creating seascapes and landscapes often oleographically mannered. From 1871 to 1900 he partecipated in the exhibitions of the promoting companies of Genoa and Turin with a production of Piedmontese and Ligurian views (Le sponde della Dora, exhibited in Turin in 1884; Scogliera a Bergeggi Spotorno, exhibited in Genoa in 1893), which he flanked subjects floral and orientalists (Interior of an Egyptian building, exhibited in Turin in 1871; Interior of a harem, exhibited in Turin in 1882), also made in tempera and watercolor.