Arrigo Andreani

Author Arrigo Andreani (Mantoca 1889-1951)
Title Landscape with cows
Provenienza Private collection, Como
Technique Oil on panel
Epoch 1930
Signature Signed and dated right below
Height 105 cm
Width 93 cm

Born in Mantua on 7 February 1889. In 1904 he entered to the studio of Cesare Laurenti in Venice and then moved to Rome, in 1910, to the school of Giulio Aristide Sartorio. After completing his studies in 1913, he was selected by the Ministry of Education for the execution of a copy in the Louvre of the famous painting of Mantegna "Il Parnaso" placed then in the Ducal Palace of Mantua in the place where the original existed. In 1920 he came again to Paris to make another copy of Mantegna of the painting "The wisdom that drives away the vice", also located in the Ducal Palace of Mantua. Exposed "The architect" at the Autumn Exhibition in 1926; "Vampires" at the 15th Venice International Exposition. At the Galleria Pesaro in 1929 he exhibited the first portrait of the "Cardinal Schuster Archbishop of Milan" and in February 1930 he made a personal exhibition presenting more than 60 paintings including portraits, landscapes, nudes and still lifes. He died in Mantua in 1951.